Saving or Investing

Shall I save my money in savings account , Fixed Deposits or invest somewhere.

This is a very common dilemma being faced by most of the individuals.Ideally one should have a certain percentage of their money in Savings Account and in Fixed deposits and some should be allotted for Investment in different instruments.

There is no thumb rule for how much money should be invested in which instrument but  every individual can decided for himself based on his profile.Some of the instruments where one can invest his money are –

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Placing a Buy order in Share market for Equity

A beginner in the share market is usually hesitant to start and is not familiar with different trading platforms.Placing an order in the market is a first step towards getting yourself acquainted with trading.

We will show you step by step process of placing a buy  order in share market for equity. Screenshots shown below are from one of the trading platforms used by a leading bank. Placing a buy order in share market

We will try to explain different fields shown here. Continue reading

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Limit Order Vs Market Order

Limit order

Limit Order refers to the buy or sell order with a limit price.In Limit order there is a cap on the buy price or the sell price.Lets explain it with an example –

Reliance limited is currently trading at Rs. 1025.You want to buy it below Rs. 1020 level and want to place a order at the moment.

So you place a limit order with buy price as Rs.1020 and trigeer price at 1021.

Now the Order remains pending till the price is above Rs.1021. Continue reading

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