Placing a Buy order in Share market for Equity

A beginner in the share market is usually hesitant to start and is not familiar with different trading platforms.Placing an order in the market is a first step towards getting yourself acquainted with trading.

We will show you step by step process of placing a buy  order in share market for equity. Screenshots shown below are from one of the trading platforms used by a leading bank. Placing a buy order in share market

We will try to explain different fields shown here.

  • Select your Exchange as  BSE  or NSE
  • Instrument – Equity ( for this article we’ll not delve into futures)
  • Symbol – Enter initial letters of company you want to buy stocks of and a list will appear something like this. Choose the company Name (Infosys LTD for our example)placing a buy order in share market
  • Choose Product – Cash or Intraday (Refer to following section to learn what is Intraday trading)
  • Enter Qty – 100 ( for this example)
  • Order Type – Limit or Market  (limit order means you want to buy at a specific price .While Market order means you buy at the price at which equity is selling in the market called as Market Price).Learn more about difference between Limit Order and Market Order
  • Price – Enter Only in case of Limit Order
  • Dis. Quantity – Should be equal to or less than Qty

Placing a buy order in equity market

After filling in all the details as specified click on the “Place Order” button and your order would be placed.

Look how simple it was to place a buy order in the Share market for equity. Please feel free to use comments section if you have any questions regarding placing a buy equity order in share market..

25 Responses to Placing a Buy order in Share market for Equity

  1. Yogesh says:

    Sir if I want to buy shares for long time which options I select Gfd, Ioc, my gtd in sharekhan

  2. Digvijay says:

    what is Dis. Quantity ? any significance of it?

  3. suresh says:

    How to buy a product. Sir

  4. Saravana says:

    I’m doing commodity trade, how could I start equity trade,shall I do both , any link to go through equity trade easily. Please provide me. Thanks in advance

  5. KAPIL says:

    dear sir,

    I m new to trading and have few queries and want to do INTRADAY trading only , it will be great if get some help .

    1. how many times i can purchase same stock while doing intraday ? or is there any capital / investment criteria minimum or maximum amount i can trade in same stock ?

    2. if i placed an order at to buy 1000 shares of abc company at marketing opening say 10 am and blocked my amount , wht if 1000 stocks not avaiable for purchase at that time ? and i get shares at 3 pm and it automatically squaresoff without any loss / profit ?

    3. how long maximum it can take for purchase order to get completed if i ordered at current prevailing rate ?

    Thanks in advance

  6. K RAVINDRA says:

    What is the discount quantity Field. Should i enter some value in this field.

  7. K RAVINDRA says:

    Dear sir,
    i am unable to trade i simply want to know how to trade in intraday how to place stop loss order, when ever i tried it is rejected with the remark stop loss price is not reasonable. pls pls help me. i am very nervous.

  8. Rashmi patel says:

    Hello. I am very impressed with this website. Each term and content is explained which can be understood very easily. Very helpful for the beginners. Keep it going.

  9. RK says:

    Suppose I picked up one company for intraday trading on one day at 9-15 am on NSE. Price up and down movement will start. Say I bought 1000 shares. Say price went up by 1Re. I sold. I got profit of Rs.1000. Price came down by 1Re. again & I bought 1000 shares. Price went up by 1Re. I sold. Like this I did 10 times. So I got Rs.10000 profit in one day from one scrip only.
    My question is where can I get to see movement of price of my scrip on graph & figures each second wise live with indication of sell & buy?

    • invest says:

      It’s not as easy as you think. I don’t know if you are trading in the market or not but when you wish to trade in the market you need to open a demat account with the depository participant which will give you the kits which includes softwares with login id and password. Only that way you can have access to real time price fluctuations or you may directly approach to your broker to get the updated price. It’s not as easy to get profit so quickly because you have to be cautious of other charges called brokerage etc etc. As far as intraday is concerned you must aware about market movement and it can be traded without having demat account. You only need a trading account with a broker. Your concerned broker can tell you the real time price.

  10. vishal puri says:

    I am study in college and my course is if I want to invest and trade in stock market for sum extra pocket money than its good or not

  11. Shridhar says:

    I wants to day trade,can i trade with Rs. 1000,if so which trading scrips/options i need to go for & which are the best companies for datrading. Because i’m begineer.

  12. Milangiri Goswami says:

    I want to understand about PRODUCT,VALIDITY &DIS. QTY.

    please help…
    And is there any extra charges for limit order?
    Thanks & Regards…

  13. C G Venkateswaran says:

    This site is very very useful for Beginners. I sincerely appreciate the efforts taken by the person concerned who has come forward to share his knowledge. Could you please let me know what is Dis. Quantity.

  14. Rishabh Sharma says:


    Im a beginner. I haven’t started trading yet, just reading about. It would be great if you could answer a few queries

    1) Is ordering different from buying? If I place an order, does that mean I have bought/sold that instant or does it mean by broker has started to try buying/selling those stocks in the market? Also If I place an order of a stock at 100 rs and say the stock is appreciating at 1 rs per sec, would I have bought it at 100 or more than 100? Basically is there a lag between ordering and actual transaction?

    2) If there is a lag, is it same for normal and intraday trading?

    3) I was trying out a virtual stock market and I saw that not all stocks get sold at the same time when I place an order, is it so in real market too ?

    4) By what percent does a stock need to be appreciated to start becoming profitable? Basically what percent of my profit will go into taxes and brokerage? what are the usual brokerage rates?

    5) Last and most importantly. I see two ways of trading, first to read and buy as I here good news on some stock. Second, to chose a stock (or a few) and follow its news about when to buy/sell. How would you suggest? How would you suggest I keep up with market news to know when to buy/sell online, since im not into newspapers? Also would you suggest investing in 1-2 stocks or many?

    Thanks in advance.

  15. Prabhakar says:

    In intraday trading if I am not using brokers money (margin money) they will not square off my deal no?

  16. Prabhakar says:

    Where is Stop Loss placing facility in these windows?
    Suppose I picked up one company for intraday trading on one day at 9-15 am on NSE. Price up and down movement will start. Say I bought 1000 shares. Say price went up by 1Re. I sold. I got profit of Rs.1000. Price came down by 1Re. again & I bought 1000 shares. Price went up by 1Re. I sold. Like this I did 10 times. So I got Rs.10000 profit in one day from one scrip only.
    My question is where can I get to see movement of price of my scrip on graph & figures each second wise live with indication of sell & buy?

  17. manas kumar says:

    Hi sir,

    I have doubt on equity SL and SM,how to place these order types before buying and selling shares Price , LTP and Trigger price from xyz company?

    please help me out of above question?

    • admin says:

      Hi Manas, I am not fully clear with your question.However I will try to explain some of the terms you have used.
      LTP stands for “Last traded Price” which is the price at which your stock was last traded in market.
      Trigger price is the price at which your order should be placed in the market.
      Please let me know if this clears your doubt.

      • manas kumar says:

        Thank u sir for response,
        My question is when we will go for stop loss buying shares?
        SL-StopLoss Limit
        SM-StopLoss Market
        1-LTP(Last traded price)
        2-Trigger Price
        How to place amount in this above three field
        this is the order type SL and SM.

        • admin says:

          Hi Manas,
          I do not think that you have to enter the price for LTP as that is the price at which stock was last traded in the market.
          Trigger price – It would be the price at which order should be placed in the market.
          Price – This is the price which you want to quote for your buying or selling activity.
          You can refer to the following post which might answer some of your question with an example –

          I will also try to write a new post on stop loss and will try to cover all relevant details.

  18. vinod singh says:

    i want to ask at what time i can buy share in morning for intraday trading.
    can i buy it at last closing period;
    and can i buy shares before 9.15am

    • admin says:

      Hi Vinod,
      Every brokerage house has some fixed time at which they automatically square-off the Intraday trades.You can buy intraday shares before that cut off time.It is usually 15 mins before the market close and varies with every broker.
      You can also place the order before the market opening but it will be executed only when the market opens.

  19. IVAN MARTIN says:

    Dear Sir
    I want to start trading fulltime in stock market . In Intraday future & Options, derivatives and commodities. Since I am currently working abroad and want to reallocate back to Bombay.

    What about Automated interday trading? How does that work? Please do share with me your ideas

    Thanks & Regards

    Ivan Martin

    • admin says:

      Hi Ivan , Automated Trading has not yet picked up in Indian Stock markets.Currently only around 8-9% of trades in Indian exchanges are automated whereas this figure is very higher for US markets.
      There are many companies which provide with software for Automated algorithmic trading but they are usually very costly.
      In online trading most of the brokers provide the option of entering offline orders which will be placed during stock market working hours based on certain price triggers.However setting up those triggers is a tricky business though.

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