What is IntraDay Trading

Intraday trading as the name suggests refers to the trading system where you have to square-off your trade on the same day.Squaring off the trade means that you have to do the buy and sell or sell and buy transaction on the same day before the market close.Intraday Trading is also referred to as Day trading by many traders.

Lets explain Intraday trading with an example.

Suppose that you have bought 100 stocks of ABC limited during the open market hours,then you have to sell the same no. of stocks of ABC limited before market closure.Same is the case if you have sold the stocks,you have to buy the same quantity of the stock you have sold earlier.

In online trading platforms when you are making an intraday transaction,you have to explicitly specify (as shown below) that it is a Intraday transaction while placing the order.However in case of a buy transaction you always have the option to change it to delivery later before the market close.

placing Intraday Buy Orderplacing Intraday Sell Order

In most of the online trading platforms positions bought under intraday trading are squared off automatically if not done by you before the market closure.

Why many traders find Intraday Trading attractive

  • Brokerage charges for the stocks traded under the day trading segment are very less than Delivery segment.
  • High Margin is available for Day trading (eg.If you have Rs.5000 in your account,you will be allowed to do transactions worth multiple times of this value.This ratio varies as per the policy of the Brokerage firms.Some of the brokerage firms even allow upto 10 times margin)
  • They do not want to carry their positions overnight as the stock price might be impacted due to some other event and open with a gap up or gap down the next day.

Intraday Trading strategies –

There are various styles of trading followed by the traders for Intraday trading.

– Some traders focus on very short term and exit the position once they reach minimum level of profit.Such traders usually rely on Volume of transactions to make a substantial profit.They carry out multiple buy and sell trades and sometimes exit the position within minutes.

-Some traders rely on the trend for Intraday trading and usually are much more patient and make fewer transactions.

-Few traders resort to Intraday trading only in the case of some major event when a particular stock is supposed to go up or down based on some event.

Difference between buying stocks on Intraday basis and Delivery Basis

– If you have bought 50 stocks of some company on delivery basis, these stocks will be transferred to your Demat Account (usually it takes 2-3 days to complete the transfer) and you can do whatever you want with the stocks.You can keep them for 5 years or sell them the next week.

– In Intraday trading stocks are not actually transferred to your account and you have to square off your position before the market close on same day (sell same no. of stocks)

Intraday Trading for Beginners

Many beginners in the stock market find intraday trading an attractive option and see this as an opportunity to earn some quick buck on a daily basis.
However we have a word of caution for them as intraday trading is not as simple as it sounds.Making profit in intraday trading on a daily basis is not that easy and requires lot of hard work and discipline.What are your views on this – “Whether a newbie in stock market should resort to intraday trading or not”.Drop in a comment to share your views.

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  1. SZ says:

    I have a query. Can the brokers auto square of the transactions before the close of day if the margin exceeds a specific limit that they have decided as per their policy. I suffered a loss because they auto squared up a transaction at 1 PM I wouldn’t have suffered the loss had they not squared it up that time. I want to know if they are legally allowed to do this?

  2. Ronak Gupta says:

    I’m new in stock market, I have started trading by 1100
    after a week from some trading my current cash balance is showing 687
    Intraday cash margin is 434
    Cash previous settlement exposure is -62
    Total amount is 1042 plzzzzz explain me this stuff I’m tired

  3. Hrishikesh says:

    Hi Sir,
    I wanted to know that intraday trade is allowed for company doing only share trading as business?

  4. Gun says:

    I have bought 100 shares of “ABC” thn sold them on the same day…squaring off my positions.
    I made some profit in this intra trading.
    But that profit is still not credit in my account.
    When will I get this amount. For normal trading its T+2. what is trading cycle for intraday?

  5. Vipin says:

    i am a research scholar (PhD), can I do intraday trading? I am receiving scholarship from MHRD and it clearly states that Iam not suppose to have income from any other sources.

  6. Nivas says:

    In Intraday can we choose the quantity of buying shares or it’s pre-decided..!!

  7. Bhupendrakumar Das says:

    In day/intraday trading buy or sell position automatically squares off at 3.00PM. But my question is that upto which time[ i,e. before 3.00pm] an investor is allowed to cancel/modify/place buy or sell order as the case may be?

    • Suvojit adhikary says:

      No. Actually market closes on 3:30pm.
      But it depends on brokers. Some allow times till 3:00 pm or some allow 3:15 . It depends on brokers. But if your broker is giving u time till 3:00 pm. U can modify your order till 2:59:59 pm….
      But as per safety u should do before the time.

  8. Suman Chatterjee says:

    If I sell a stock at 100 on intraday basis trading and square it off @95 then what is the profit or loss?plz expalin it, cause I’m a beginner.

    • Krishna says:

      If u sell for 100 and buy back at 95 u gain 5 rupee per share.
      But here is a catch. For every sell transaction STT tax is 0.025 percent plus ur brokerage plus stamp duty. So only if u trade in high volumes u will incur profit. Bcos in real time ur profit will be in decimals per share. Not like huge 5 ruppee jump

  9. Pasha says:

    Hi am Pasha from Karnataka, am new to the market and want to trade intraday on daily basis, am not getting that from which advise broker I have to do this becoz lot of calls are coming from different different brokers, which broker company is better to do the transaction please give me needfull.

    • Suvojit adhikary says:

      It depends on you…
      See which broker giving you less broking charges per share …. And which broker is giving you much time to trade….
      And also there have some limits on your investment .
      Such as some if u have Rs : 500 .
      So some of broker allow u to buy 10 times more , some allow 8 times more…
      It is your decision.
      Which is convenient.
      But i think , who is taking less broking charge… Go for that


    Very Informative & Well Described.

  11. K Mansoor Ahmed says:

    hellow sir,

    please clarify me say in Intraday on 08-10-2017 i buyed 10 shares (10 × 100/-)= 1000/- and now if i dont sell on same day. will shares carry to the following day (09-10-2017) r they by defult get sold by the end of market time on 08th itself.

    • Suvojit adhikary says:

      Yes . It will be balanced at end of the day…
      And the last amount of the day, on which amount your account is closing , it can give you profit or loss as per your dealing share price .
      The balancing figure between the opening and closing is your profit / loss

  12. Shubhankar says:

    What is the minimum time for holding a share in intraday trading? Can a sold it any time if i have some profits

  13. Shubhankar says:

    Sir i want to know that, what is the minimum time to hold a share in intraday trading? And can I sold my share any time in the day or I have to wait for some one to bye my shares…..

  14. harshad says:

    in day trading suppose buy xyz company share @ 50/- sell @ 52/- (here profit 2/- per share)
    again @53/- short and recover @51 (here profit 2/- per share)
    again @51.5 buy and sell @ 52.5 (here profit 1/- per share)
    mean my total profit Rs 5 /- over all
    is this right or what please suggest right calculation mehtod

  15. kamlesh kumar singh says:

    Yesterday I bought a equity in delivery in day validaty but due to values down i couldn’t sell the equity. is it sell by default in same day or it carries for next day.
    Today’s morning I sell the equity of same company in delivery in day validaty. In position yesterday equity does not show and today sell is showing. I sell the equity remembering that yesterday i bought the equity shares.
    I can’t understand that what to do with the yesterday bought equity and today sell equity.
    Please suggest me the way.
    Thanking you.

    • Suhas Joshi says:

      You need to convert the mode from Intraday to Delivery than only you can save it for next day. You should call your Customer care ot go to Position thee is an option Partial Conversion so by converting to Delivery you can stop loss more over you can sell it for good profit next day.

  16. Amit says:

    Can you explain me actually my cash balance 5000
    Why it is showing in total 1800 and intraday is showing 2700
    Plz help me actually I am bigner

    • Shehby says:

      I think it is due to your DPP’s policy. The company you have ur dmat account in offers you Rs. 900 more than your actual balance it seems. Some banks provide 10 times your balance as mentioned in the article above.

  17. John says:

    Read many comments/suggestions in this forum, very interesting, thank you author and other members.. Now my query is in delivery we can buy 1 or ‘N’ number of shares . how does it work in intraday is it LOT wise or same as delivery. This will help to calculate the funds required for Intra.

  18. Gopal Roy says:

    Sir i am a intraday new trader i hava a question sapose today i bue abcd company’s 500 share i want tottal share are sell partly 100+200+100+100=500 tottal selling are same day because this is intraday treading is possible my selling option????

    • kriya says:


      Is there any stock brokerage in India who treats that a stock share bought at different prices [irrespective of time periods] as separate transactions instead of averaging them out and display the ‘average price’ of the stock?

  19. Neel says:

    Hello i am new to the market , what if i invest 10 lakhs and get the margin or leverage 10x for intraday i.e 1 crore . If i sell shares worth rs 1 crore of a company , then does it affects the movement ? Will the price go down ? I m only looking to trade in good companies . Kindly suggest.

  20. SK says:

    First of all,thanks for providing a blog with useful information to get better idea about stock market investment and trading.I am new to stock market in any form (online or offline) and a decent understanding about different type of trading like intraday trading, position trading,swing trading,scalping etc.). Suppose, I have a demat account and a trading account linked with my S/B account (Savings Bank Account) to do business in stock market via online. I bought 100 shares worth INR 1000 (100 x 10) today (12th August, 2017) and most probably it may reach in my demat account after 3 days including the buying date (14th August,2017).Can I sell those shares on that day itself (14th August,2017) or should I wait one week including receiving date (20th August,2017) to sell my shares?

    Note:- Please forget about holiday issues.I asked this question to get better understanding on sell date.

    • admin says:

      Yes, You can sell it on same day. That is what is called intraday trading where Stocks are sold by you before getting delivered. Intraday transactions have less charges in terms of brokerage that you pay.
      You can also sell it on the following day ( next Day) which is called as BTST ( Buy Today Sell Tomorrow ) in Market terminology. Each of these ( Intraday , BTST ) have their own merits and pitfalls. I hope this answers your question.

    • Raviteja A says:


      The settlement takes T+2 days . May be T+3 in rare cases. After T+2 or T+3 days you can sell the same as you wish once the stocks are reflected in your account.
      Here days means the days apart from Stock market Holidays.
      For example, you bought shares on Monday(at any time between market hours), you can sell the same on Thursday(considering the between days are not holidays).

  21. Gouri Mahadev says:

    If i am doing Intraday Trading and buying 100 shares, what if i cannot sell it , then wat is my loss ? keeping RS 100/share . Also when i make profit from intraday trading how will that money come into my account ? Thank you.

  22. Satya Narayan Vyas says:

    How can start intraday trading on fundsindia.

  23. sagar kumar says:

    Hello Guys
    Can you tell me that what happen if I am Not buying the shares which have already sell by me in intraday trading. what is the process of this because this is done by me today by mistake..
    Thanks in Advance.

  24. yogendra says:

    sir kya me koi stocks delivery me buy krke same day me sell kr skta hu kya

    • admin says:

      Yes you can do that. However the charges which are applied to you might be same or different from intraday charges (check with your broker on this).

  25. Nafis Siddiqui says:

    Its just a suggestion when you are new and not aware about the fluctuation of the market….start with delivery stocks and try to gain a hands on market ups and down atleast for a month and then go ahead with intraday trading.If incase you are doing intraday trading do not forget to put a stop loss as it will minimize your high loss when market is too down….put a ratio as 3 rs loss and 7 rs profit after the trading….Its from far will look like earning a money in no period of time….but believe me it will make a huge loss if you have no idea of the market.Try to purchase those stock for intraday which is more volatile and high volume stock…and from nifty 50 as manupluation is less in nift50…..The all mentioned is my 5 years experience overall it does not doing a fix set of things for your mind….its just a suggestion….

  26. santoshanant says:

    1)If I will buy 100 stocks (Rs.100 each) and sell 100 stocks(Rs.102 each) same day what will charge for that
    2) If I buy 100 stocks and will not able to sell what is the loss
    kindly tell me calculation

  27. Chintan says:

    In intraday we buy and sell on the same day. So do we really need to study for company before trading?
    Now say there is xyz company it’s value even goes up and even down on the same day…even by doing study on that compaqny we cannot get even a little surity that its value will b up or down at the end of the day. means we olny have to trade based on our instincts.
    So do we really need to study for company before trading?

    • Anwar says:

      In my openion the best thing for intraday trading is to understand the trends of the market and start trading according to that. When the market starts you should watch it carefully for 15 minutes atleast then you can get the pulse of the market and can trade easily for the profits..

    • Naveen says:

      not in intraday trading my friend but for long term investment.. Of course

  28. ram Chandra Purohit says:

    what is ration of % in buying and selling circuit day by day in continue .please explain in both side

  29. Sudhir says:

    Sir, I am new in trading , I want to know whether I can purchase stock in intraday of company which belongs to “XC” category.

  30. Mahes says:

    Hi I am new to stock. I am watching the market for past three days. From yesterday the company is prefixed with NE and BE. What does it means. Can anyone help ne plz. Thanks in advance….

  31. siddarth says:

    I have account with Zerodha. I did intraday trading and had some profits too. BUt at the end of the day, they charged me “DP charges ” for selling Delivery shares. IS the DP charges onnly for Delivery ,or for Intraday also. What is the charges for. Please help me understand

    • gaurav sharma says:

      dp charges are only for holding the shares. it stands for “depository charges”, which means depository participants charge some money when you hold your shares in depository by buying them in delivery. you don’t have to pay any dp charges in intraday because you are not taking delivery in intraday.

  32. Siddharth says:

    hello guys,
    how you all doing? I accidently landed on this website, & i thanked god because i was looking for the same kind of forum, forum which is designed specifically for beginners.
    I wanted to know, few things ( please ignore if that turns out to be stupid question, as I an noob, in this field)
    1- Can I trade Binary Options from India?
    2) As a beginner should I chose Currency Derivatives or Stock options?
    3) Please suggest some good demo softwares for Indian Stock Market Trade Simulation.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Aniket says:

      First try to learn stock market.safest thing is to go with equity with prominent stocks learn the discipline of market i.e the need action on time then you can try everything else

  33. Piyali Dutta says:

    Can I trade in a scrip with little profit in few minutes and repeat the same on that script in intraday.
    Example: buy at low price and sell at little higher price and repeat the same many number of times in same day.

    • Ram says:

      I think you can do that Piyali. But the general idea is to buy a lot of shares initially and then place limit sell orders at different rates to minimise the risk. The stock will be sold as it reaches each of the limit price set. Don’t forget to set a stop loss trigger to further minimise the risk.

    • Rakesh Raman says:

      Yes.., Piyali..
      It’s called Scalping and it is a trading strategy that attempts to make many profits on small price changes. Traders who implement this strategy place anywhere from 10 to a couple hundred trades in a single day in the belief that small moves in stock price are easier to catch than large ones; traders who implement this strategy are known as scalpers. Many small profits can easily compound into large gains if a strict exit strategy is used to prevent large losses.

    • Bhupendrakumar Das says:

      Yes, you can do it when a transaction[either buy or sell] is completed,which can easily be viewed/checked in order book/trade book screen.

  34. ravi says:


    Where does the gain or loss of intra-trading settled ? Directly with the bank account, as it can not be seen in the portfolio holdings.


  35. Yuvaraj says:

    Hello Sir,
    I have done a intraday trading today. I did a sell call for a share. I believe it will get square off at the end of the day buying the equivalent amount of shares. But in my case it some how not squared off. Please advise me how to proceed further.

    • Anwar says:

      You did not sale it under big sale trade option thats why this happened. If you sale a stock in simple sale option and dont buy it in same day then it will go for a delivery until you buy it.

    • Bhupendrakumar Das says:

      Hello, after placing order[buy/sell],check the order book/trade book screen whether the transaction is/are completed or not. If completed, surely it will automatically be squared off at 3.00pm. But if the placed order is not executed according to your price, it will automatically be cancelled.

  36. Sushant says:

    I am planning to start Intra Day.

    1) How to choose Stocks ? Want to Understands the Logic of selecting stock for Intra Day ?

    2) Howz Algo works ?

    3) Lets say if I buy a stock at 100 , and then submit it for sell at 100.45 with a Stop Loss 99.45. How this sounds ?

    4) Whats the difference in Stop Order and Stop Order Limit in layman term ?

  37. sushant says:

    Let’s say if I get a data that Morgan Stanley Bought ABC shares at 102 …on 5th August.

    So shld we focus on that buy also next day when market opens ?

  38. Ravi says:

    If I have bought 100 shares of 100 rs and I hold that for 5 days then square off at 102 price then how brokage will be calculated??? Is that any delaying charges???

  39. ms khan says:

    Can i sell call or put option and hold till expiry date

  40. bplvvarma says:

    this is very useful article and guide to the beginners

    • sathish says:

      Intrday is risky, need to do with guideline for beginner, should not invest more

      • Bhupendrakumar Das says:

        Intraday trading is risky, it is true. But if you follow some principles, loss as well as risk can be avoided to some extent. a. Watch movement of stocks at least 15 minutes from 9.15 AM. b. Follow behaviour of SENSEX and NIFTY. 3. Initially select 2/3 stocks having high volumes. 4. Put buy or sell order for small quantity[ say, 10,15,20 and so on]. 5. Watch the trend/movement. 6. Sell or buy as the case may be with marginal profit [ say, 5 to 6 rupees/share]. 7. Initially, do not wait for more profit because it may turn to reverse result.
        Maintain discipline in monetary. Do not expect much at initial stage. Be happy with small profit which surely bring huge earnings in future. Happy trading.

  41. Anindita says:

    Intraday means same day square off. My uncle trades and his broker offers 5days. As in if he has purchased 100 shares on Monday it should be squared off by Friday. Is it possible?

    • admin says:

      Yes , It is possible. Almost all the brokers have now started offering this facility where You have T+5 Days (T being Trade date) to square off your trade.

    • Satish says:

      Only in case of loss time u can hold for T+5.
      If u got profits u can exit on same day.
      Sometimes holding leads to loss due to not available of required margin, small investor difficult to hold

  42. Rajinder Singh says:

    Dear Sir,

    Can you, please advise/intimate, in trading call option, what type of call options are available in our exchange i.e BSE and NSE. Have we be both Call option Ca and Ce or only one of these. if only one than which one is available. In buy call option Under Call Ca option after purchase of scrip how much margin is required in one’s Demat a/c. and if he sells his scrip before expiry how much amount he has pay/receive. also what are the terms used on internet trading for these options.


  43. Yogesh says:

    I just want to know…as a beginner from which one should I start..delivery or intraday

    • admin says:

      You should start with Delivery trading. Intraday trading is a bit more volatile in nature and you should move to it only when you get a hang of the market. Refer to the following post on Common mistakes to avoid in stock market

    • Satish says:

      If u are beginner than watch the market for 1 month continuously, u will get idea
      For intrday don’t invest more amount .

    • Bhupendrakumar Das says:

      Delivery and intraday/day trading both are different. In delivery option stocks have to be purchased[ or sold, if you already have in your demat account] which will affect at least next 2/3 days. But in day/intraday trading results come out on the same day during trading hours. So, you can proceed for intraday trading with care.

  44. Ashish Mandare says:

    Hi sir,
    I am beginner and want to know that what is stop loss in intraday trading? And how i can do that stop loss while intraday trading? Is there any option in trading account as name of “stop loss”?

    • Satish says:

      U can place a stop loss
      Example if u buying an share X for the price of 120 , u r prediction may be 125.but it may go down same day like 110,u will get more loss
      But if it u not want loss so much amount than u need to keep stop loss like 118, when it reach 118 automatic u r holding will exit, so can avoid more Loss.

    • Bhupendrakumar Das says:

      In day/intraday trading stop loss is must to avoid heavy loss in stock market.

  45. Vijay says:

    Dear Admin
    Kindly clear my doubts
    I was having a limit value of 5380.89 before the start of the day.
    I bought 200 shares of xyz co.@53.65 and put a selling cap at 55.00
    I bought another 200 shares of ABC co.@82.85 and put a selling cap at 85.00
    I bought another 50 shares of PQR co.@517 & Put a selling cap of 520
    Now my PQR co.shares sold and the other two were remains at the wnd of the day with a price of ABC 81.20 & xyz 53.20.What will be my gain for tor loss for the day??

  46. Udit Trivedi says:


    I am a beginner in trading, and using hdfc security for the same.
    Recently i have placed 2 intraday orders, buy price 14.70 and sell price 14.74 and quantity was 5000 in each order, so my total profit was 400 rs but due to brokerage and taxes I only received 64 rs at the end of day?

    So i can’t figure out how to trade properly, cab someone guide me?

    • devesh says:

      if really looking for the profit and gain be invester not the trader …start searching for company profile look at their p/l upcoming project and past project look out for success of them and then invest in those company share .save them for long time ………

    • arup bayan says:

      in this case, you can change your demat account to a discount broker.
      list are available at google.

  47. hitesh says:

    Hi sir,
    I m new in market. I want to know in intraday trading my account balance rs.10000. I buy RS. 15000 share. If I not sell same day, what will happen?

  48. ani says:

    in a intraday trading can shares be sold at first and baught back later during the same day

  49. subramani says:

    how much money to start trade nifty index in intraday?

    • Satish says:

      Nifty may reach 11000 if continue on same way
      Within 2 to 3 years

    • Bhupendrakumar Das says:

      Hardly 5000.00 intially. Because in day/intra day trading your margin will be 10 times of your investment. i,e. with 5000.00 of capital you can trade upto 50000.00.

  50. Kuldeep dinkar says:

    I bought a share at market price in intraday mode. I am going in loss. What is the reason.

  51. John says:

    I appreciate the details on your web sites. Thank you so much.|

  52. ravindra k. says:

    i am unable to treading in the intra day. because of stop loss, limit price i am fail to understand. and when ever i place any order it is rejected with the remark that “stoploss is price is not reasonable” what is limit price means.

  53. susahil says:

    what is the difference between Number of trades and Volume

  54. Rabi says:

    Please send me the 5 yrs company wise analysis report to my mail id.

  55. manish says:

    1.How to check current Balance in demat account.
    2.If I want to purchase shares online without broker,for this I will have to just transfer the fund to my Brokers account, then I can purchase online or not?

  56. RK says:

    Dear Sir,

    Can you tell me about stop loss with examples and how can i calculate the stop loss rate.

    • k.v.suryanarayana says:

      stop loss – if it is above on dealers capacity. What to do ?

    • sahil says:

      stop loss mean that u will point a figure of rs. 50 and if the price is falling down to below 50 then it will automatically sale.

    • Satish says:

      U can place a stop loss
      Example if u buying an share X for the price of 120 , u r prediction may be 125.but it may go down same day like 110,u will get more loss
      But if it u not want loss so much amount than u need to keep stop loss like 118, when it reach 118 automatic u r holding will exit, so can avoid more loss.

  57. Suraj says:

    In the running market can we buy call options at any time and sell? If I have to buy a call option what price I will have to pay? The lot size x current market price of that call option? Am I right?

  58. harsh says:

    i want to know about limit sl-l ,sl-m and market for intraday ?

  59. RamG says:

    I know it is silly question but I am new to share market so asking this question……____If I have bought share of Rs. 5000 in F&O and at the end of day total trade value is Rs. 10000, then what does it mean????

    • ved says:

      Total trade is the total turnover. Turnover is how much money you rolled means you buy 5000 of share so definatly you will sell 5000 of share so total turnover is 5000+5000 =10000.

  60. hemant says:


    i want to know how can i do intraday trading, should i do from buy and sell price if yes that how and if no than what is the other technique to buy and sell stocks for intraday.

    • ved says:

      Just keep daily watch on company you like to buy share and buy when price is low and sell when your desrie profit is hit. Do not forget to apply stop loss. As it saves you from loosing much.

      • Mudit kumar Agarwal says:

        Please let me know about stop loss. How can i appy it in intraday trading and as well as delivery.

  61. venson says:

    Can I buy and sell stocks under a minute…..if there is a profit

  62. Niyamath says:

    Hdfc says 0.01% intraday broker age what if i inverted 550000 1 Buy and 1 sell in a day making actuall profile of 7000 so what would be my broker age fee at the rare of 0.01% fee on capital amount of 550000 Buy n sell both can any one pleas explain if possible explain about all deduction and what would be my Total net profile in hand after selling i Get 557000 in hand…

  63. sathish n says:

    hi sir
    i have 14000 shares of kingfisher airlines, suggest me what to do with that???

  64. Manoharan says:

    I have Rs.1000/- in my demat account. pls let me know how much worth of equity can i buy

  65. roopesh says:

    for every transactio there will be brockerage charges? assume we end up in loss in intraday.brockerage charges will hit there also right?

    • Shashwat Krishna says:

      For every transaction you make , there is a brokerage charge for the same. In case you encounter a loss in the intraday activity , you will have to bear additional loss in form of brokerage too.

  66. Raj says:

    Sir, If we do part time trading(intraday or delivery) and will get profit per year 100000 or 200000 then do we need to pay tax for that year basis or not required.

    For Intraday trade for example the script x how may time I can buy and sell per day is there any limitations

    • Ragini says:

      answer for 1st question- Tax will depend on which kind of transaction you have entered-
      1) Intraday( being squred off on the same day)-
      2) Short term (squarred off between 1+ to 364 days)
      3) Long Term shares kept for mpre than 1 year time.

      For querry-2
      You can do tarde in any script as many times as you want to- provided you have sufficent margin money in your account or the limit allowed by your broker.

  67. manus says:

    I have questions. Precise answer in front of questions are expected.

    1- Can one trade call or put options in intraday? Yes or no?

    2- If one thinks that price is going to go up by few rupees he should buy a call option.Right or wrong?

    3- If one thinks that price is going to go by few rupees then he should buy a put option oe sell a call option is my question?

  68. prakash says:

    If i have a capital of Rs 10000 , then what is the maximum probable gain i can earn from intraday trading.
    How can i trade online without going to any broker?

    • kiranraj says:

      Your gain on Intraday depends on your strategy, you can make 500 to 1000 if you identify the right stock, else you might also end up with a loss of 5000 to 6000 if you dont maintain a strict stoploss

  69. Kolla Raghunath says:

    I am a Newbee into Shares and trading. I wanted to start shares trading with some ABC Broker. I am interested n INTRADAY. I wanna start with min capital of 1200/-/ I want to see how it works and then wanna incur some big amount. Is it possible to get min of 1000/- per day Income from INTRADAY. I am a disabled person and wanted to work from hme.

    • ravi says:

      Its all about practice, practice and more practice.
      First remove the notion that you can make xyz amount on daily basis.
      One day you can make 1000, next day you’ll make 2000, next day you’ll loose 5000.
      Remember in Intraday, less is more.
      Its better to make less profits or no profits rather than to be in loss.
      For an Intraday trader, trading in margin (10X margin) even 1% swing in negative direction will erase upto 10% from your capital.
      Thumb Rule in Intraday : ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS adhere to Stop Loss.

  70. SUDIPTA KU SAMAL says:



  71. ravitej says:


    I bought HDIL on intraday of 100 shares @73 rs. When buy order is executed. I thought to sell those shares so I placed 1 more order to sell 100 shares of HDIL @74.25. But and at the end of day my trading account mentioned i had done 4 transactions of 2 buy and 2 sell of 100 shares each of HDIL. Transaction refers as

    bought 100 shares of HDIL @73
    Sold 100 shares of HDIL @74.25
    bought 100 shares of HDIL @73.40
    Sold 100 shares of HDIL @73.40

    What i inferred is sell order i placed is made as short selling transaction in intraday.

    Does this mean I can’t square off my intraday position on my self. Do I have to wait to closing time of market to square off my position.

    please clarify on this

  72. Raj says:

    Sir, If we do part time trading(intraday or delivery) and will get profit per year 100000 or 200000 then do we need to pay tax for that year basis or not required.

    For Intraday trade for example the script x how may time I can buy and sell per day is there any limitations

  73. aditya kumat says:

    i want to be a day trader with 5000 rs i am beginner is this amount is right for starting and which broker is best for mee …. becoz some broker have some minimum account balance conditions as 20000 or 25000rs plz help me regarding this

  74. Vishal Shahi says:

    How to know to intraday charges. How to calculate gain or loss in intraday trading.

  75. kaliavarathan says:

    Hi, friends, my many queries have been solved just reading above posts.. Thank you. One more query I have with me. I don’t understand clearly about t1,2,3,4,5,6,7.. Because I bought sun pharma shares in intra day and sold it after 15 days as per my broker advise. How they calculate t1234567. Will trading on daily give extra days? Please clear my doubt

  76. Anand says:

    Can I do daily basis delivery trading . ?. . .or else hold tat shares margin date and then only sell it.. .any one reply me

    • Satish says:

      If u got profit exit on same day
      If u got loss and u r share can replace u r loss within short term than u can hold with margin
      Otherwise its better to quit on same day

  77. Ranjan says:

    if we sell stock for RS100 and donot buy it within a day in intra day trading then if that share rises then what happens??

  78. vicky raj choudhury says:

    hello” do we bye or sell any shares or stocks on intraday trading, namely which use to flash in our screen TV, Or there’s some special stocks which we can trade on intraday,
    sir I’m just a learner, trying to start trading’ I even doing clas to….

  79. Antony says:

    If i have only Rs.5000 for Intraday trade, Plz give answer.
    Morning 10’o clock i have purchased Rs.5000 worthy shares and it has sold after 30 minutes with Profit of some amount ex:Rs.500. Can i trade or involve one more time in that same day?
    Or is it not possible? when can i do next trade? after T+2 DAYS?

  80. Inchappell says:

    I want to ask one question….I am new in stock market….if I short sell the stock and then buy in lower price..is there is any risk in this…if the stock I alred sold and want to buy in lower price and if i don’t get a buyer for the stock then wat will happen…

  81. Prabhakar says:

    Can I buy at low price and sell at little higher price in intraday. And repeat the same in single scrip many number of times? Please guide. Buy sell, buy sell.

    • Yes you can buy any script at low and can sell at higher price, but the main point is this which stock you have to purchase, you have to take service of the advisory in the market. We also provide trading calls and in one day in advance. Means we will give you information about which stock is going to up side in the next day. All the calls are given by 2 Times Trade Guru Winner in Zee Business For details please visit our website PowerofTrading.

    • ekta says:

      i m new to share market . i want to learn intraday trading. so plz suggest me some sites or books which help me. which method is best for intraday trading?

  82. Vaibhav says:

    Thanks for the wonderful explanation!

    I have one question. At the end of the day when I have to square-off who buys my share if no one is interested in them ( the scenario being I bought shares in the morning and In need to square off before day end but there is no buyer)? If the trading platform does square off automatically, where does the share go? To the trading exchange in case there are no buyers (I am assuming it to go the trading exchange i.e. BSE/NSE)?

    • Ujjaval Jain says:

      Sir, mostly in all online platforms of intraday trading,if u cant make square offs,it will make sqaure offs automatically

    • chegu says:

      There exist no such condition as every body selling/buying shares have to buy/sell the shares before closure. If any some one does not sell/buy, there will be a mismatch at the end of the day and will be automatically squared at the end of the day and I guess the the closing price might be given/withdrawn to all customers who did not finish their business. I am new to share market, in fact just started browsing the net to get an idea. So my above guessing may be wrong.

    • Vasanth says:

      Vaibhav, I have the same doubt in my mind please let me know if you found any answer for this question.

      What happens if no Buyers at the end of the day,..?

  83. sreevani says:

    please provide illustration about intraday 🙂

  84. VINOD CHITOOR says:

    Dear Sir

    Your website contents are superb being an Intraday trader i prefer sell & buy category of stocks. Please suggest some SELL & BUY Stocks since Risk to Reward is generally good.

    Tnks & Rgds


  85. Raju says:

    Let me understood with an example
    I brough X company shares of 10 with the value 10 again I maked it the same company share to sell @11. (Note that I performed two operations that buy @10 and sell @11). Finally the day ended with 11.25 then my net amount will be
    10*1=10 (For buy)
    10* (-0.25)= -2.5 (For sell I said sell it for 11.25) =7.5rs net profit Am I correct ? or 11.25-10=1.25*10=12.5rs ? please help me on this

  86. sanjay says:

    Sir if i Sold 1000 Share of abc coMpany at 10a.M…thn iS it i hv to buy the Share of SMe coMpany or i cn buy of SMe othr coMpany…and if i cn buy Share of SoMe other coMpany thn can i buy Share of 2 or 3 coMpanieS…in intraday trading…plz hlp Me out…

    • Rahul says:

      yes,you can buy again shares of the same company many times as you want and also you can buy shares of multiple companies at a time.

  87. den says:

    Hello ,

    What are the difficulties come if I am not able to clear my SELL shares on intraday?? how can i clear that shares and shall i need to pay any penalty for the same?

  88. pankaj kumar says:

    For intra day trading which type of charges broker take, what is the charges that will be ?
    Eg – i purchase xyz company share @Rs. 100 each * 1000 share the purchase amount will be @Rs. 100000 and after few hour share up @102 each that means i will get Rs. 102000, then 2000 is my profit whats the actual profit will be expect my investment amount.

  89. pankaj kumar says:

    For intra day trading which type of charges broker take, what is the charges that will be ?
    Eg – i purchase xyz company share @Rs. 100 each * 1000 share the purchase amount will be @Rs. 100000 and after few hour share up @102 each that means i will get Rs. 102000, then 2000 is my profit whats the actual profit will be expect my investment amount.

  90. MAHESH says:

    If i have 25k in Demat. But i want to use only 10 k for intra day trade . can i use Brokers exposure 5 times for only 10k.. Is it possible ?

  91. SAIL says:

    can we trade as many times as we need on a single script on intraday..??
    Eg: Buy and sell with an average 10ps movement as many times i need.

    • Tausif Charangan says:

      if your brokrage amount is been removed then only you can do that or else u need to wait till the brokrage amount is not removed

    • From your question it seems that you are fresher in market.so my suggestion please stay away from intra day till you are not getting skilled enough to understand the market.now you do positional trades and try to learn everyday every minute online or offline..

  92. abhishek singh says:

    sir, is this possible to make 10k per mnth with intraday trading? If yes, what capital is required for that?

  93. rakshit monga says:


    What is the good money to start with intraday trading if one is looking at it as fulltime business

    • SHRIKANT says:

      You need 15000 in your trading account to make a good profit

    • minimum 1,00,000 for risk free income.see it as other business not like gambling that you will bet 15,000 if prediction right then 30,000 if wrong then 1,000…just think you are investing 1,00,000 in a shop then how much you will expect monthly.minimum 5 to 10k. but think if you will invest 100 crores in a bollywood movie then you could expect 20 to 30 crores..So earnings and profits varies according to investment capital and sector.so always expect for the decent earning out of your original capital invested.

  94. Vinod shet says:

    How do I trade when sell call is given by some advisory firm?

    • nitesh says:

      You have to sell the stock first and then buy at lower price

    • never go blindly on the call of any advisory company …yourself research,analyse then think and trade with strict stoploss .
      # some advisory company averaging their tips
      example – CAPITAL VIA advisory have 100 clients.then they will tell 50 clients to buy ASIAN PAINTS and to other 50 they will tell to SELL ASIAN PAINTS…
      # some brokerage house wants to manipulate market by their advice
      example- XYZ brokerage firm wants to buy SBI in the range of 260 ( cmp 268) then they will give the sell call
      if they wants to sell the SBI in 275 ( cmp 268 ) then they will give you the buy call..

  95. Raj says:


    Recently i have started for Intraday trading.
    I have some doubts, for intraday trading is there any limitation like per day a person can buy some particular amount of shares(scripts). or for an particular some ABC scripts that should be buy in particular amount if more than that there may some penalty like that, am not sure about that for clarification am checking with you.

    Please advice.

  96. amit says:

    sir if i bought 100 shares of amount 500r and sell out at 501r than my profit is 100rupees 1 rupee on each share
    and if i bought 500 shares at rupees 100r and sold at 501 than my profit is 500r 1 rupee on each share is am right?
    or my profit will be upone total val?

    • RAHUL says:


    • Suresh says:

      It depends on your broker selection. However marginally it varies with 100 qnty and 500 qnty as it includes stt, turnover charges.

    • Nitin says:

      If you purchase 100 shares of Rs 500 : total invested is £ 50000 . & sell at Rs 501 .Total profit is Rs 100.

      Now if you purchase 500 shares for Rs 100 & sold at Rs 501 then profit is 500 x 501 = Rs 250500.

      U got it now , check your calculation .

      • bharat says:

        actually he want to say 500 shares sold @101 r ( in place of 501 r which inadvertently mentioned by him, so far as we understand as per his question) . So the total value comes to 50,500. So he got profit of 500 rs. Same amount was invested i.e Rs.50,000 but profit varies.
        In one case he got 100 r and another case got 500 r.

    • dear please check your question and repost it..i think you mentioned something wrong by mistake

      • rafik says:

        sir, continiously i am suffering from loss due to this advisory firm so, plz suggest me one good profit making advisory firm.

  97. Shashi says:

    Sir ..I have some confusion In my mind ..I know about intraday trading in spot market but can we do intraday trading in futures on stocks ?

  98. Gaurav says:

    sir , I have one doubt like its a squaring off process means at the end of the my stock will sold off automatically But if i am selling my stock at the end of the day , then their should be some buyer in the market at that time. Can you clarify this.

    • Nitin says:

      You need not to worry abt that,, either put stop loss or it will be sold out automatically on the current rate .

      Always work with Stop loss.

    • Himalaya says:

      In that case, the company buys the stock/share and gives you your money.
      By buying a stock/share you are giving money to the company and earning a share in the same company.. so when you sell it company pays you back and returns your money (and takes the share back).

  99. GANESH says:

    I just want to know I brought 1k equity for x company & by mistake I sell 2k quantities and sell order is executed.

    but originally I have only 1k quantities.

    I need to pay stt , Service tax & other charges for 1k equities which are not exists in my account?

    please suggest it happened in kotak

    • Niraj says:

      As if you bought any number of shares of any company in an intraday trade, then if you sell double of the bought quantity actually now you have one sell position open with you.. If you don’t square it off by 03:15 PM system will automatically square off that number of shares post 03:15 PM.
      So not a situation of worry…!!

  100. Parth Bilakhiya says:

    Wonderful explanation.
    Thank you.

  101. Soman says:

    Sir, In intraday trading how long would it take to receive the stocks, once I have placed an order to buy?

    • Keshvan says:

      There is no actual delivery in Intraday Trading. Only + or – has to be accounted for at the time the deal is squared off

  102. Soman says:

    In Intraday trading,
    how long does it take to receive the stocks once I have placed an order to buy? Usually if its not intraday I think it takes 2-3 days(T+2 toT+3).

    please help me I didn’t find the answer anywhere. I am just a beginner.

    • in intraday or positional you will instantly get the stock as your order being executed but the difference is in INTRADAY the stocks will not added to your demat AND IN positional IT WOULD BE DELIVERED to your demat.

  103. Richard says:

    Sir,my current demat account doesnt allow me to do intraday trading in certain stocks. It says,” Trading in this intraday product is not allowed”. That’s the notification that pops up if i try intraday on certain stocks. I would like to know if i changed my demat account then would I be allowed to do intraday trading in all stocks or do all brokers prevent their clients from trading in certain stocks for intraday.

    • no there is no such types of prohibition in trading.may be you read some wrong…only the brokers prohibits MARGIN in stock to stock. For an example you can get 5 to 25 times margin in bluechip stocks like infosys/eicher/reliance etc…but if you want to buy any small “T” category stock then margin not available ..as they don’t have good volume or liquidity ..

  104. kunal ratnaparkhi says:

    Respected sir ,
    I want to start stock treading, for that I want to clarify some queries.
    can I buy any stock in morning at 8 am.
    (at last days closing prize of that stock) and sell it on same day at market hours at running prise??
    if it I possible …. Which type of treading method is this?
    can I do this in intraday?
    can I get extra margin prize fir doing that type of treading??
    What brokerage should be for that type of treading??

  105. Anil says:

    if I bought 10k shares in intraday… bt I didn’t sell shares… wht happn tht times???????

    • admin says:

      Usually your broker sells them (square off) before market close.

      • kunal ratnaparkhi says:

        Respected sir ,
        I want to start stock treading, for that I want to clarify some queries.
        can I buy any stock in morning at 8 am.
        (at last days closing prize of that stock) and sell it on same day at market hours at running prise??
        if it I possible …. Which type of treading method is this?
        can I do this in intraday?
        can I get extra margin prize fir doing that type of treading??
        What brokerage should be for that type of treading??

      • Siddharth says:

        What if the broker doesnt sell.. i heard that we can hold stock for max 5 days ?

  106. Rajat says:

    Sir, suppose I have a demat account and as u said that for intraday trading if we purchase shares they just charge a fraction of total amount…. And at the end of the session if I incur a huge loss in whatever shares I purchased and they just charged a fraction of money…. How will they recover that money from me… As I don’t left any money in my bank account which is linked with my demat..

    • Suhas Joshi says:

      The way the software is developed it will never happen like this for an I.E: You have 100000 in your Demet acc & u purchase the share worth 100000 which is your limit. so 1 lakh Rs+ 100000 shares. More over this margin is given only in Intraday up to 3:10pm so if the prices are dropped by 5% maximum u may occur the loss of Rs.50000 in you cash but at 3:10pm your purchased shares are squared off automatically so broker will not loose any thing any way when it is squared of with market price at 3:10pm it will recover the rate & their brokerage also from your 1lakh.

  107. manohara says:

    Hi sir,

    I’m new to intraday trading I need some basics tips n suggestions, techniques. If I invest 10 k how much profit I can earn daily and what is technic I should use to make atleast 1000 to 2000 profit daily. Also I’m interested to know more about intraday trading


    • Ravi says:

      Dear Manohar

      Well, with your 5k money, you can’t earn 1k or 2k daily..Invest more and focus on latest market news.. Stocks which can move upward or downward.. Position according to them.

    • Stock king says:

      Your margin will go to minus the amount they need and you will not be able to trade till you clear the dues . Hope it clears your question.

  108. tiny says:

    hi sir,
    i am doing intraday trading for more than about a month. i have almost understood the concept of interday. i have even gained a good amount of money and even losses. i even have some future stocks also. but i i sometimes do not understand
    which stock to invest for intraday. i generally do not get any information about the stocks also from my broker.

    please help. what are the factors which i should keep in mind before investing.

  109. priya says:

    Sir Pl, send us tips everyday

  110. priya says:

    Sir I have 10000 rs. In my account. If I bank a bank nifty which is sold for 307 per share X 50 shares when should I buy and sell for a day

    • sorry dear PRIYA…I AM SHOCKED TO LISTEN THAT bank nifty is trading in 307 rupees in 2015….
      May be you drunk a little more ( even more n more ) last night or you are talking about bank nifty in OPTION TRADING…so first clear your question here..

  111. subu says:

    Hello Sir,
    My question is if i buy some 50 stocks morning i have to sell those 50 stocks in evening before market get close.and is it mandatory for me to again buy the same amount of 50 stocks again or else i can buy at whenever i required(i mean next day,or week later)

    • viky says:

      No.. once the market closes the transaction is over.. you may buy anything next day. also you may buy sell the same stock multiple times a day.

      • vran says:

        hello Subu,
        No, you don’t have to buy it again if you are doing intraday. But you have to in case of short selling. Bcoz in short selling you borrow stocks from your broker & sell it when the price is high after that you buy them back when price comes down and give it back to the broker before market is closed. Thus making profit……..

  112. Natty says:

    I just wanted to know is there any limitation for individual to do multiple intraday trading of the same company stocks.. Means, can I buy and sell more than once the same company stock.. in case of volatile market, there is great opportunity to generate profit in this situtation

    • HA HA HA …you recalled me my starting days in market.in one intraday session i bought and sold the stock of TTK PRESTIGE LIMITED total 84 times ( buy 42 and sell 42)….this is possible but be aware of your brokerage and transaction charges ..
      BROKERAGE + STT + ALL TC < TOTAL PROFIT otherwise in evening you will go to BAR and will laugh on yourself ( i did this..)

  113. vinayak says:

    Hi Sir,

    i was doing intraday mainly in F&O segment. but incurred some losses. I just wanted to that does technical analys helps in day trading, and 2nd how to select stock.

  114. Surya says:

    Good article to clear off many ambiguities. Even though I have some questions to be asked, I will frame the question in terms of an example:
    1. I have not bought any shares yet.
    2. Now, I want to perform INTRADAY trade with ABC Company, i.e. I want to perform BUY And SELL operation (And not Sell and Buy, as I expect the price to go up).
    3. 1 Share of ABC costs now Rs. 100. I want to order a BUY at 102. So I can keep trigger price of 101 and Limit price as 102. Also, I will place a SELL order at Rs.106 (to earn 4 rs per share)
    4. The price of the share goes from 100 to 104. My Buy order gets executed successfully.

    Now How to do the sell operation is becoming ambiguous to me. Because I want to mention STOP LOSS of 96 and at the same time, I want to place a Limit SELL Order at Rs 106 with trigger at rs. 105. In the snap shot of the online trading tool, I don’t see an option of stop loss. How do I perform this sell operation.

    Can you please help clarify this?


  115. Rudrakant says:

    A newbie resorting to INTRA day Trading in stock market is like a child playing with a knife.

  116. surendhar says:

    hi sir,
    i want to know what is the minimum lot size in trading shares(intraday)? please explain about lot sizes in shares

  117. Milind W says:


    I have question: “How many shares can someone trade in intraday?” I mean if someone have capital such that he/she can trade only 20 shares of some company in delivery trade, so can that person trade 1000 shares of same company in intraday?

    Thank you.

    • Rajiv says:

      Sir , Based on Today 19.12.2014 . 5537 Stocks Are Listed In BSE , But Only 4242 stock Has Eligible To Trade By Some Problem. From That Today 102 Stocks Are Unchanged Stocks . 4140 Stocks Traded Today .

      Any One Can Make intraday In 4242 Stocks . But Every Investor Or Trader Only Trade In Few Stocks ( That Not More Than 4 To 5). Some Large Trader Scan More Than 1000 Stocks , For Finding Best Stocks For Their Own Condition or strategies . But It Take Only Few Stocks. Thank You

    • ayaan malhotra says:

      this depends on how much your broker is giving exposer to your deposit fund.some gives 10 times some gives 20 to 25 times and also some gives more than 50 times.and also in intraday you can’t trade as much quantity as you want.you can buy or sell only in between available quantity available in market.suppose you have 100 crores and you want to buy jindal saw limited in 100 rupees .then you cant buy 10000000 shares of that company in intraday basis .if you need such quantity then you have to buy it in cash market in delivery basis to your demat.

  118. Mark Cherian says:

    Two questions:
    1. Suppose my broker allows me 10 times exposure. Now if I have 10,000 in my demat a/c, can I buy shares for 1,00,000 in a single transaction?
    2. If I buy 100 shares of abc at 10 am and then sell it at 11 am, how soon will the amount be deposited in my account?

  119. AYAZ KHAN says:

    HI SIR,
    I want to know if I trade in Nifty Call & Put options then Some amount deduct from my account because of F&O Bill.
    What is F&O Bill? Also I want to know if I trade in Equity then F&O Bill still to be deducted or not?

  120. DHarun says:

    can i have an any idea about to predict the market opening trend(ex: buy quant>sell quant or gap from previous close and today open) without any indicator,software

    • Rajiv says:

      Watch Sgx Nifty Level, Because Our Nifty Trade In Singapore Exchange . It Gives 50% Idea About Today Market

    • ayaan malhotra says:

      you are asking that “can i live without breath”
      trend and indicators cant be known by astrology ….so you have to take the support of technical,fundamental analysis to identify the trend and perfect position to buy or sale

  121. Sir,
    I am unable to understand about intraday clearly in HDFC securities. Ttoday i have purchased 5 shares IDFC @ Rs.158/-, & put sale for Rs.160/-, but it has sold for Rs.157/- only. How this, if the sale price mentioned by me not reached, it will sale automatically with market price at the time of closing hours? or how, i did not understand stop loss in the HDFC SEC. Kindly guide me.

    • admin says:

      This is called squaring off.At the end of day all such transactions are automatically settled by the system.

    • Rajiv says:

      if You Are Using Limit or exposure , Some Broker Automatically Close Your Position. But Some Broker Allowed T+6, T+7, T =Means Trading Days. You Can Continue Your Limit Position To Next 6 Trading Days.. If You Take Position
      By Your Own Full Money . Please Consider Your Broker .. Thank You

  122. AYAZ KHAN says:

    Hi Sir, i want to know, in internet we found many advisory company but i want to know subscribe their plan safe or not ,for intraday? many of them says 80%-90% accurate. REaly they or NOT?

    • admin says:

      If they claim to be 80-90% accurate , why do not they invest their own money and become multi millionaires.I think you must have got answer to your question.

      • AYAZ KHAN says:

        THANKS SIR,
        IF YOU HAVE ANY ADVICE(how i chose stocks for intraday) PLEASE GUIDE ME.

      • ayaan malhotra says:

        see AYAZ if i have a stone that whatever i will touch with it then that would be gold,just think will i ever tell this to anyone or will give this to anyone????nooooooooo……..never…….
        have you ever seen any blog or tips from warren buffet or rakesh jhunjhunwala.
        they only declare their portfolio just to gain in volume of those company in which they are already invested earlier.
        if some brokerage house is providing such tips then its ok bcoz they are giving it for their brokerage gain in otherway they are trading by your hand but if some one else without broker card giving tips in favour of some money then he is also like you my dear only hoping and predicting by some skills .if target hit then they will take the credit but if stop loss trigered then they will say that its the fault of market volatility and wrong trend …but you will loose the money not they.so be carefull from these types of so called market gurus.

  123. ronniee says:

    I want to know,about real cost of share
    for eg-
    share value=0.10
    face value= 1.00
    if want to buy 10,000 share than how much amount will. deducted from my account.
    Is it 1000 or 10000…..
    please reply soon

    • admin says:

      You have to pay the market value (Share value) for buying the stock.
      Face value is the value of stock at the time of IPO.You do not have to go into this.

  124. shyam says:

    what is the mean of square off in about of trading

    • admin says:

      Squaring off the trade means that you have to close the intraday transaction initiated in the day earlier.If you have bought some stocks then you have to sell them (Square Off) before the market close.
      If you have sold some stocks then you have to buy the same stocks (Square Off) before the market close.
      It is mentioned in detail in the post above. 🙂

  125. Pramod says:

    Is demat account is necessary for intraday transactions?

  126. Tia says:

    I want to invest in share market online
    But then which broker will u suggest ?

    If I buy only 5 shares worth 200 each is it ohke
    Or is ther any minimum value below which we cannot invest

    And the broker I hav to search online and the money hav to b transferred to the broker online thru the bank or is ther any other protocol

  127. Prabhakar says:


  128. Prabhakar says:

    Sir, I want to earn Rs.2000 from intraday trading. How much capital is required? How to do it will plesae explain me? Nifty means I have to buy all 50 shares or nifty index price like now it is around rs.8000.


    • admin says:

      Hi Prabhakar, I will suggest you to first study the market for some time and then start investing your hard earned money in the market.You can start with a lower capital in the market and then increase your capital as you get comfortable.For buying Nifty you do not have to buy all the shares included in Nifty index but there is a separate instrument called as Nifty and mini Nifty being traded in the market.

  129. ssubramani says:

    i am willing to intraday trading but when i am searching for the same there is lot of things. 1 some one is saying cash intraday, 2 equity intraday, 3 nifty intraday.

    please tell me what is the different in these three.

    • admin says:

      Intraday refers to buying something n selling on the same day.If you are buying equity,it will be called equity intraday.If you are buying equity index like Nifty it will be called Nifty Intraday.

  130. aa says:

    Hello sir,
    I am trading online through flip me geojit. Now i can not trade, i can open the flip me geojit but it display the server delay in network. What is the reason for that, plz answer me.

  131. sidharth says:

    i bought a 30 share of jp associate 29.90 each by the time my account bal was 5000 rs. after purchasing the share my balance is 4454 rs .why so ? if i bought a share of 898 rs my balnce should be 4188. i went through my account reports . intradY margin is 269 and cash prev settelment exp is 275 i dont understand at all .please let me knw how do i get to knw share which i am buying is intraday or deliverable.

    • admin says:

      Hi Sidharth, You will get the option of choosing intraday or delivery while buying shares.For intraday only a fraction of your purchase amount is deducted from your account but those shares are squared off (sold) before the market close.

  132. Arya says:

    I have Rs.5000 only. I should trade more than 5000 for intraday trading?

  133. chichi says:

    Many beginners in the stock market find intraday trading an attractive option and see this as an opportunity to earn some quick buck on a daily basis.
    However we have a word of caution for them as intraday trading is not as simple as it sounds.Making profit in intraday trading on a daily basis is not that easy and requires lot of hard work and discipline.What are your views on this – “Whether a newbie in stock market should resort to intraday trading or not”.Drop in a comment to share your views.

    Dear Concerned;
    In above reference to word caution for intraday new beginner what kind of hard work and discipline is needed. Also kindly share us if we can gets important tips for successful intraday trading without loss.

  134. ram says:

    I have a query. Suppose, In case if i sell the particular company at a price limit and that share freezes (Upper/lower) Circuit, Can I square it off during the intraday or when can it be done to make the transaction complete irrespective of the profit/loss?


  135. ajay verma says:

    I appreciate your efforts on teaching trading for beginners . I have a question :

    is intraday trading is instantaneous means if i buy some shares and sell it off after some little time (30 mins) would i get my invested money instantly .

    • admin says:

      Yes Ajay,
      Sorry for replying late,I missed your comment earlier.
      You will get the money as soon as you sell your shares on the same day in intraday trading.

  136. Suresh Palarimath says:

    I have 2 questions, please answer,
    1. If I buy stocks as Delivery, will I be able to sell it on same day?

    2. if I buy stocks as Intraday, by some reasons If i am not able to sell it on same day, will it automatically sold on the current price?

    • admin says:

      Hi Suresh,
      Please find answer to your questions below.

      1. This usually depends on the broker you have chosen for Online trading as the rules vary with each broker.

      2. If you are not able to sell the Intraday stocks before predefined time limit (Usually its 15-30 mins before actual market close),the system will automatically sell those stocks and square off the transaction.

      • krishna says:

        What if the price touches the upper circuit and unable to square of on that day?
        I heard about auction after 2 days– Can you explain how it happens exactly?

      • DIP says:

        Sir, My 1st question is what is the difference between cash trading and intra day trading?
        In intraday trading should i pay in cash during buying any shares?
        Sir, also help me to understand that how many types of trading systems are there in stock market? I mean to say kindly provide a chart where FUTURE TRADING/CASH TRADING/POSITIONAL TRADING/INTRADAY TRADING and IF ANY TYPES OF TRADING SYSTEMS ARE THERE IN STOCK MARKET will be differentiate in a simple language. Looking for your early reply. Thanking you 🙂

        • admin says:

          In Intraday trading you will have to pay in cash but that will be a fraction of the total amount of Shares bought during intraday. For Example if you want to buy 100 shares of ABC Ltd. at Rs. 100 per share in intraday trading then you do need to have 10000 bucks (100 X 100 ) in your account.

          Your broker will allow you to place the trade even if you have a fraction of that amount in your trading account eg. 20 % – Rs. 2000( % differs from broker to broker). However you will have to square off the trade before market closure.

          Regarding your question about types of trading.It can be broadly categorized as
          Stock Trading –
          – Intraday trading ,
          – Cash Trading (Delivery Trading)
          Future Trading
          Options Trading
          Commodity Trading ( done for commodities in different stock exchange)
          Forex Trading (trading in different currencies)

      • swaroop says:

        at what price it will be squared off????

  137. Mahendiran R says:

    This article is very useful to me for understanding intraday and delivery of shares.
    Thank you very much for your simple but valuable explanation with example.

    • arun m.s says:

      Can i take 100000 to 20000 shares of a single company at one stretch… ….whose share value is less than 1 rupee…….like viseshinfo, Nu tek etc….like companies

      • Suhas Joshi says:

        Don’t do such things but if u r doing it on Intraday it’s fine as you will get huge profit if u sell immediately check the rates always without blinking your eyes.

  138. sailesh Choubey says:

    Sir , I have a query , suppose I Purchases 100 shares of ABC Ltd. and after few minutes I sold 60 Shares, but I did not sale 40 shares during the day, is that 40 shares is termed as delivered????

  139. forex trading says:

    It’s an remarkable article in support of all the web viewers;
    they will get benefit from it I am sure.

  140. ar deshmukh says:

    if sold some stocks on intraday, that means i have to buy them again?? does that means i will get the shares deposited in my demat account?? bit confusing. kindly help

    • admin says:

      I will try to explain this with an example.Suppose In the morning you do not have any stock of company ABC Ltd. in your demat account and you place a trade selling 25 stocks of ABC Ltd.
      Now you have to buy the same no. of shares of ABC Ltd. before the close of trade for that day (Closing of market) or else the system (Your Brokerage house) will automatically do it for you before the cut off time.(which is usually 10-15 mins before the actual market close)

      • jay says:

        I believe when you say selling of stocks without having it, you assume your broker has it(stocks) and you are doing short transaction(borrowing from broker to sell it), and you have to return it to broker by end of day or by some limited days(upto which broker may charge interest on amount).

  141. Digvijay Singh says:

    A fundamental approach. ..very helpful for me & all the beginners in share market.

    Thanks a lot

  142. admin says:

    Yes it is possible to sell equity in intraday even if you do not have any stocks in your hand.You will have to buy the same no. of stocks before market close to close that trade.This is called as Short-selling in stock market terminology.One word of caution if you are a beginner “Short selling looks very attractive to the beginners but has got greater risk factor as is the case with intraday trading”.
    You can refer to the following article for more details on short selling – http://tradebeginner.com/short-selling/

  143. revanth says:

    is it possible to sell equity in intraday even though we dont have any stocks in ur hand
    i need answer for that

  144. vis says:

    nice article..reallly helped lot….

  145. anonymous says:

    wonderful issues altogether, you just gained a new reader.

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